Saturday, March 15, 2008

Almost Done

I'm almost done with that True20 product, so it will soon be going off to editing and I'll just get to sit back and wait for it to be published. I've already hit my target word count and I have one chapter left, so I could really quit now if I was so inclined. Regardless, it's good to be almost done and on schedule. I do have a little more monkeying left to do with the rules mechanics, but those are so close to being done now.

Tomorrow night (actually, I guess it would be tonight, given the late hour) we'll be playtesting a bunch of stuff. I'm definitely looking forward to it and hoping that the playtest won't prompt a total rewrite. ;)

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dbrunian said...

Can't wait to see what that project is. I'm a recent True20 convert myself, mostly for the reasons you've cited previously (man, it takes forever to make a d20 Modern character, or D&D character for that matter).