Monday, April 21, 2008

No Empire Tonight

I've been a busy little monkey the last couple weeks. Not only have I finished up writing Reign of Discordia (and been pimping it like a madman anywhere that will listen to me about it), but I also just finished writing the final installment of ENPublishing's War of the Burning Sky, a little adventure called The Beating of the Aquiline Heart. I was planning to reward myself by watching Star Wars (No, please do not ask me to refer to it as A New Hope. And Han shot first damnit!) and Empire Strikes Back tonight.

So I sat down and made it through Star Wars, but the whole time I was sitting there I was thinking about how I wasn't entirely thrilled with our first Reign of Discordia adventure the other night. It was really just a great deal of improvisation following the basic story I was planning to make into the first published adventure for the setting, but at the end I felt that the heroes weren't really challenged enough. Then inspiration struck in a big way on how I could restructure the whole scenario to make it much more action packed..... More like what I would be likely to find in one of those late '70s/early '80s era space operas, which are helping inform the direction of this product. So rather than watching Empire, I instead sat down and hammered out over a thousand words worth of adventure proposal and shot it off to Dave at RDP. I suspect that he'll like it and I'll be able to get to work writing it just as soon as I make a few minor changes to The Beating of the Aquiline Heart (What do you mean the beholder isn't in the SRD!!!!? Oops, I seem to have forgotten about that.)


Walt said...

Sounds like Empire will have to wait. Looking forward to seeing Reign of Discordia.

Best regards,

Thurston Hillman said...

Now that I've seen the cover, I am quite interested in the last adventure for the Burning Sky. Kind of interested in how a Beholder would have fit in as well...